We all learn in different ways, but in this world of content overload I’m hoping a bite-sized podcast will help condense information while getting us to think about new ways to bring our awesome selves and employees to work every day. I’ll also be posting notes on the blog if you’re more of a summary kind of person.

The weekly podcast will be a mix of solo episodes, interviews, and YOUR questions.  We’re going to break down tips on being more self aware, building work relationships, and how to be more human in a world full of technology.  The goal…to have at least one tangible takeaway per episode to get us thinking and try something new.

If listening to podcasts is new to you, I want to make sure you’re easily able to listen.  Check out this post where I break down how to subscribe and be notified each week when an episode goes live! 

If you’re looking for an answer to a workplace question, just send me a voicemail.  Your question will be featured in an upcoming episode!  





How to Engage with Empathy in the Workplace

On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Deirdre K. Breakenridge. Deirdre K. Breakenridge is CEO at Pure Performance Communications. As a 30-year veteran in PR, marketing, and branding, she has worked with senior leaders and organizations,...

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How Your Passions Can Influence Your Career

On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Angelo G. Spenillo. Angelo G. Spenillo is a husband, stepdad, metalhead, in-house attorney, and author of "I Am a Professional Metalhead." Angelo grew up in New Jersey where he began a lifelong...

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How To Be Successful While Working Remotely

On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Teresa Douglas. She has worked remotely since 2010 in a variety of management-level roles. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and an MBA from the University of North Carolina,...

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How to Empower Others and Give Them a Chance to Shine

On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Tiffany Tavarez serves as Vice President of Community Relations at Wells Fargo where she implements the company’s corporate responsibility priorities through strategic philanthropy, stakeholder engagement...

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The Secret to Landing Top Clients in Any Industry

On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Christie Lawler. She founded CJL CONSULTiNG in 2009 while completing her MBA as a way to stay engaged in her career while completing her studies. As Founder & Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG, Christie...

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