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Alissa has presented to a variety of audiences from high school students to C-Suite executives.  She is a positive force in workplace communication. Alissa takes the challenges we see across the modern workforce and breaks them down for audiences across industries. Mixing important principles in respect, authenticity, and human connection, with an energy of contagious optimism and passion. Alissa brings her unique voice to finding your voice at work.

Alissa’s Keynote Programs:

Humanize Your Workplace: Having Real and Inclusive Conversations at Work

Too often, people avoid difficult conversations. But these discussions often need to happen to move forward. There’s no denying that our workplaces are more diverse than ever. Age, race, gender – there are so many different perspectives and experiences being brought to the table. And the best employees and leaders know that harnessing the power of these differences will build stronger teams, ideas, and organizations. But how do we do this? If we all think, feel, and act so differently, how do we get anything done?

The first step is recognizing that these differences exist. And that they’re here to stay. We need to respect and embrace our varied viewpoints, and then we can start to communicate across (not against) them.

In this session, the audience will learn a three-step process to communicate with their employees and colleagues, and how to create a sustainable plan for ongoing workplace communication.


  • Having real conversations about diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Recognizing differences as strengths
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Being present and accessible
  • Connecting beyond the small talk
  • The power of building authentic relationships
  • Building a culture of trust
  • Saying no and setting boundaries
  • Turning down ideas, not people
  • Working with toxic people
  • Replacing quick fixes with challenging (but doable!) actions
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From Gen Z to Boomers: The Ageless Challenge of Workplace Communication

At the end of the day, people are people with unique experiences and viewpoints. Let’s stop generation shaming! From “they’re too old to understand technology” to “all millennials are just lazy and don’t know a thing about loyalty.” Let’s get to know the people we work with by asking them questions about their experiences, communication preferences, and motivations. The more we get to know people as people, the better our work culture will be.

In this session, the audience will learn about companies who have successfully brought generations together and low-cost initiatives to start improving retention and engagement rates in their organizations.


  • Navigating the multigenerational workforce
  • Spotting, training, and retaining talent
  • What different generations look for in a work environment and supervisor
  • Communication strategies to reach different age groups
  • Common values of the five generations in the workforce
  • “Hot button” phrases to avoid and alternative phrases to explore
  • Young professional tools for success
  • Strategies to avoid becoming impatient in your role
  • Opportunities to motivate Millennial employees
  • Gen Z: Engaging the “multi-multi tasking” generation
  • Cultivating the new generation of leaders
  • How technology and the next generation impact the experienced job seeker
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The Modern Way We Work: Bridging Communication Across Technology and New Spaces

Our modern workplaces are rapidly changing. We are working across geographies and virtual platforms, and interacting in new spaces and through digital mediums. It’s a lot to navigate. And we need a new set of norms for how we establish rapport, build relationships, and improve communication in these new arenas.

You may be working with people across the globe, who you may never meet. Or perhaps you’re on a team that is completely remote. Or maybe your team works in the same physical space, but almost everything happens through email and instant message.

All of this can be difficult, and sometimes even feel a bit… unhuman. But it’s the reality of our future workplace, so we need to work on making it, well… a little more human. We all have a voice and an opportunity to create the culture we want for our teams, so embrace the new ways we can connect via technology and in person.


  • Connecting a virtual workforce
  • Breaking down the screen barrier
  • Communicating with intention and choosing a medium
  • Establishing communication protocols
  • Mixing up the meetings and the power of new spaces
  • Making the most of in-person meetings
  • Being more conscious of diversity among cultures and geographies
  • Fostering electronic relationships
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Alissa is also a firm believer in not only providing value during her keynote, but throughout the event and long after.  It’s one thing to get the audience excited, but another to continue the excitement in the days, weeks, and months to come.  To do this, she has worked with event planners and organizations to create additional experiences, including:

  • Webinars
  • Social media takeovers
  • Live tweeting at the event
  • Q and A before and after event
  • Panel moderation
  • Follow up concurrent session
  • Articles for your industry magazine/journal/website
To bring Alissa to your next event, schedule a call to review your organization’s needs.




     Alissa Carpenter