About Alissa Carpenter

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My name is Alissa Carpenter, M.Ed and I am an author, TEDx speaker, podcast host, and learning facilitator. I work with organizations to transform the way employees communicate by creating inclusive workplaces.

Without even realizing it, this was something I had been doing all of my life. Whether it was bringing birthday treats to school for a friend whose family could not afford it to ensure they weren’t left out of the monthly celebration to opening the floor to diverse perspectives on projects when others wanted to stick with what was familiar.

I have always tried to include others to enhance the greater mission.

My passion for inclusion was not something I really understood or thought made me stand out. I firmly believe that bringing in diverse people is one thing, but sharing the floor and valuing their input is another.

After all, diversity fails without inclusion and inclusion doesn’t exist without diversity.

Not everyone thinks, acts, and feels the same way as we do. We all come from different experiences, backgrounds, and DNA, which can sometimes lead us to butt heads.

And being “different” definitely isn’t easy, whether you’re the only woman or person of color on your team, or the only millennial, gen z, gen x, or baby boomer working on a project.  I’ve experienced this first hand through conversations with supervisors and leaders early on in my career. I even share these experiences in my TEDx talk when a leader said to me in front of a group of peers that my face looked like the map of Jerusalem.

Or perhaps you just have a different way of looking at something, and having your voice heard in a sea of the same opinions feels like you’re constantly trying to find a life jacket.

I am passionate about humanizing workplaces and bridging these communication barriers, one conversation at a time.

I have worked with non-profits to multi-billion dollar enterprises in industries ranging from pharmaceutical, higher education, facilities management to broadcasting. And presented to high school students, interns, individual contributors, middle managers, C-Suite executives and board members.

Some of my clients include: Glaxo Smith Kline, Department of Homeland Security, NBC10, Professional Convention Management Association, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, Population Connection and Veterans Upward Bound.

If you are looking for someone to inspire your employees to action and create more inclusive workplaces, schedule a call to get started.