On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace we are joined by Dan Frutiger. Dan comes from the Mid-Western US while growing up in various places. Some of these places include Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico. He has been in Southern California for many years and has made it his home.

After attending several schools growing up he acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Business.Dan’s experience includes a career in developing and implementing mentoring programs, outside sales and Learning and Development with various organizations over the years. This experience has taught him to always stay in a learning posture.

Also, to implement changes personally and professionally in order to stay relevant each day.What inspires him the most is having the opportunity to contribute to the success of others. This is why training has become such a fulfilling passion for him and keeps him going and growing.

We chat about:

  • Resources for bilingual workforces
  • Essential elements to mentorship programs
  • Difference between a “manager” and a “leader” 4 elements of customer service

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Alissa Carpenter