Are you in a job right now that you can’t stand but don’t have the means to leave?  We’ve all been there!  I’m all about finding a new career that’s a better fit, and you can read all about that here but this change doesn’t happen overnight.  Bills still have to get paid until you can find something that better suits your interests, lifestyle, and strengths.  So… in the meantime we need to make the most out of the situation you’re in.  Check out these tips on how to get by even though you hate your job.



Find a task you like and do more of it

Look for something within your current position that you enjoy doing and find a way to do more of it.  Is it client contact? Organizing and sorting something? Updating spreadsheets?  Find that thing and ask your supervisor if there is any other projects that are similar or be proactive and find something that exists and ask to add it to your portfolio.

Remember- this isn’t permanent

This is a temporary situation and something that’s paying the bills for now.  Try not to dwell on how much this sucks because there is an end date-you won’t be here forever.   Knowing that something new will come up can make it more bearable in the moment.

Find your allies

Look for the people you like to hang around with and spend more time with them.

Try to stay out of the office drama and stick with the people that you know you can trust and enjoy being around.

Continue to do great work

Yes, you might be leaving but I’m all about not burning any bridges.  You never know when you’re going to cross paths with people again and don’t forget you’re going to need some references.  Plus, you’re better than leaving your job a hot mess!  Continue to perform at the same level if not better than you did before.



Sign up for professional development

Is there a training you’ve been interested in doing? Awesome, sign up!  Use this time to gain some skills, knowledge, and experience to keep you not only interested in the position but get you prepped for your new role.  Companies usually have a professional development budget so take of advantage of this opportunity.

Adjust your mindset

So, yes you may not like this job or see yourself there much longer but… is it paying the bills?  For the moment, take the job for what it is until you’re able to land something else.  Don’t check out yet and try to adjust your frame of mind.  Come up with a mantra, quote, or something else that can inspire you to take the job day-by-day.

Plan time for self-care

Now is not the time to neglect yourself.  Even though you know your current job isn’t permanent, it’s tough to go every day-I totally get it!  Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and doing things outside of work that make you happy.  Eat healthy, go to the gym, spend time with friends.  Find those things that make you happy and make a plan to do more of it.

Get your side hustle on

This job and potentially your next job may not have everything you’re looking for.  Think about what you can do on the side (for pay or free) that would make you happy.

  • Are you looking to start a blog?
  • Do more photography? Graphic design?
  • Take a course?

Find something where you can pursue your passions outside of the workplace.

There you have it friends, 8 things to do right now to help you stay sane in a job you hate.  This isn’t a permanent solution but it is an opportunity to think a little differently about your current role as you’re playing the waiting game and paying some bills.

What are some tricks you’ve used to make the most out of a job you hate?


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