On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Rebecca Southern Mills.

Rebecca Southern Mills is passionate about helping leaders navigate the complex world of people management and cultivate high-trust workplace environments.

She’s had over 9 years of HR experience working in nonprofit organizations. Most recently, she spent over 4 years at Wellstar Health System, one of the largest healthcare systems in Georgia with over 24,000 employees, as a Sr. HR Consultant supporting their corporate departments. She’s had the privilege of partnering with hundreds of leaders and departments including IT, Finance, Supply Chain, and clinical departments, and a wide range of employees and leaders from hourly to salaried, on-site to remote, front-line supervisors to SVP’s, and first-time leaders to seasoned ones. Her experience includes hundreds of investigations, disciplinary actions, and very direct conversations, but she’s gotten to do fun things too! She’s conducted leader training classes, guided leaders in building trust with their teams and creating healthy environments, and helped employees understand their value.

After her daughter was born, she wanted to continue providing HR support for leaders but with more flexibility. In March 2020, she founded Simplecated and became a freelance HR consultant.

As you can imagine, Rebecca has gained an endless supply of (very entertaining) stories, and it’s tough to completely shock her. She also knows what kinds of situations managers can find themselves encountering at 10:00am on a Tuesday and how to help them sort through it.

Rebecca believes that having high-trust work environments is key to truly succeeding as a company. How managers treat their employees and respond to situations sets the tone for the workplace. She also understands that people are complex; laws and company policies can be intricate and cumbersome. Her goal is to simplify this complicated world of management by breaking down complex scenarios into practical, realistic steps and solutions that effectively lead to positive, healthy workplace cultures.

She holds a Bachelor’s in HR, a Master’s of Divinity, and a PHR certification. If you can’t find her, she’s rounding up another cup of coffee. Check out her Simplecated blog, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

We chat about 

  • Anti-discrimination and harassment policies
  • Policies that protect the company and employees
  • Holding employees accountable

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