On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Jasmin Forts. During the day, Jasmin Forts works as a HR leader and Working Mom Wellness advocate. She has sat in the HR space for over 15 years and uses her expertise and influence to help bring strategy and balance to workplaces. She is also the Founder of Jobbing With Jas, LLC and A Sisters Siesta, a career and support group services specializing in practical maintenance and mental health resources. She has been featured on several publications writing articles such as Black Enterprise and Teen Vogue sharing her insight on HR practices and anything supporting wellness. Jasmin has been invited to speak on several different platforms including Essence Festival and HER Village in Atlanta, GA. She is the author of “A Sisters Siesta: A Pocketbook Guide of Positivity, HR Protocol, and Vignettes for the Professional Black Woman.”  Her personable and engaging style captivates audiences while educating them. She always looks for ways to share her expertise and personal experience aligned with industry best practice and compliance.We chat about

  • Burnout at work
  • Finding rest in the midst of decision fatigue
  • Creating safe spaces within organizations

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