Today on Millennial Playbook Podcast, we are joined by work/life balance expert and author of Mompowerment, Suzanne Brown.  Suzanne is a part-time strategic marketing and business consultant with two young boys.  She worked in the corporate world for 12 years before becoming an entrepreneur.

You can download this episode from Stitcher or iTunes or listen below to hear all of Suzanne’s advice.

Tips for Millennials asking for more work/life balance

  • Start with a proposal, treat it very professionally when trying to break into part time world from a full time position
  • Ask for advice from other managers who have done this in your business when you want to transition
  • Create a win win situation for everyone when you are asking

Resources to Find part-time roles

Go-To Resources

  •  Own It by Sallie Krawcheck
  •  Laura Vanderkam 

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