Today on Millennial Playbook Podcast we are joined by millennial entrepreneur, Katlyn Grasso. She is the owner of GenHeration and travels A LOT! She works with Gen Z young woman who want to take over the world and hosts One Minute Mentor, an original web series.

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Entrepreneurial Challenges To Overcome

  • Build your Audience
  • Find some type of # or user engagement
  • Focus on 1 metric to help guide the story  

Utilize your connections

  • She used to attend Penn, she still reaches out to people on Alumni lists
  • Believes in cold leads and emails
  • Anyone, anywhere can be a connection
    • Will strike up conversations in airports and it can lead to her next investor

Always utilize your strengths

  • Find people who can complement them to help build something bigger

The Importance of Girls In sports

  • Builds leadership
  • She was a pitcher and believes it builds resilience, helps her go with the flow – Can’t be worrying about everything

If you want it you must work hard to get it

  • If you love what you do, you won’t feel like you are working
  • Open all the time, coming up with ideas

Travel Tips

  • Window seat helps her sleep
  • Pack lots of wrap dress they don’t need to be iron

Business Tips

  • If something does not work, that is fine, just make sure you move on quickly and not dwell on the issue that does not work
  • Can’t stay married to an idea for too long
  • Always embrace change
  • Pivot if necessary
  • Energy and persistence conquer all thing – Ben Franklin
  • Key to being successful is to Never give up
  • Must work through the Challenges, there are going to be hard days but you must push through it
  • Book – Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

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