On this episode of Millennial Playbook Podcast, we are joined by Jake Kelfer. He is a millennial entrepreneur and author of Elevate Beyond.  Jake helps people achieve their success through writing, and public/motivational speaking.  Motivational speaking has always been a passion for him as he loves to inspire people through the spoken word

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Advice for Surviving in the “Real World”

  • Must work your way up in corporate world
  • Make sure organization’s values align with your values – it should be a good fit on both ends
  • Need to build relationships and maintain/ nurture your relationships

What does success look like?

  • Jake believes everyone has their own definition of success
  • Find what is important to you, and identify that it can help you achieve success

In Person vs. Virtual Professional Relationships

  • Virtual relationships differ from in person, it is completely different, you don’t get to fully understand the full body language or feel of a person
  • In person is way more valuable
  • Relationships are mutually beneficial between each other and must do deeper than just a like

Networking Tips

  • “It takes more time for people to get interested in you than it is to get interested in other people,” Dale Carnegie
  • How to connect with people should be based off who your audience is and reach out to them and how it would be impactful to them
  • Networking is an opportunity to change your life
  • Show your vulnerability and how you can relate to who you are trying to network with
  • Be authentic in your outreach, ask to really get to know them not to ask for something for yourself

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