On today’s podcast, we talked about the generational differences with communication styles and outlined steps we all can take to be more effective communicators.

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Through Kate and Rob’s book research, they found that nearly every point of contention or misunderstanding either was a communication problem, or could be solved through an adjustment in communication.  

Millennials grew up communicating digitally, constantly, and probably most notably – with a voice. More than any other generation, we had platforms and channels to get our opinions out there, and we were given more opportunities to do so.

Speaking with people of older generations, they weren’t accustomed to giving their opinion at work or speaking up with their ideas in meetings. The expectation was you keep your head down and do your job and let the senior executives do the talking.

Due to the major differences in communication styles there seems to be a lot of miscommunication about intentions.

Our advice for Millennials to bridge the communication gap:

  • Consider your audience.  Think about the big picture and don’t go in guns blazing
  • Don’t complain to hear yourself complain.  Before you say anything, think of a possible solution.  No one wants to hear you always complaining and not being productive
  • Identify and mirror the communication style of your boss
  • Review communications from the last month and reflect on how they went and what you can improve on

Our advice for non-Millennials to bridge the communication gap with your Millennial employees:

  • Identify ways to train them on soft skills as they have not had the depth and breadth of experience you have
  • Consider weekly check-ins to ensure you are both on the same page and set mutual goals
  • Give more real-time feedback and let them know both when they have a good or bad idea


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