On today’s podcast, we talked about annual performance reviews, why they can be the WORST and suggested alternative ways to provide employees with constructive feedback.

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  • Millennials are looking for a coaching and mentoring supervisor and want to know how they are doing and what they can work on often, not once a year
  • Bringing up an issue that happened 11 months ago will only frustrate both the manager and employee
  • Without addressing issues consistently, similar mistakes will happen more often and cause unnecessary frustration
  • Reflecting on an entire year, both positive and negative is really hard and not constructive.


  • This is not to take away from a consistent daily interactions but provide a space for a more formalized conversation
  • Can be done as a team review or individual to reflect on the past quarter and look ahead
  • Provides a space to be more proactive with a fast paced environment


  • What are your biggest accomplishments this quarter?

Tips for employees: Reflect on your small wins weekly and write them down

Tips for managers: Identify areas where your employee have improved over the past few months and let them know they are appreciated

  • What challenges did you face?

Tips for employees: Be honest and open about what you faced and how you could improve upon it.

Tips for managers: Ask questions to uncover what your employee found challenging and then give constructive feedback.  Communicate both positive and negative feedback and assess fairly.  Whenever possible, address immediately instead of waiting a full 4 months to resolve an issue.

  • What are professional development opportunities that you want to take advantage of?

Tips for employees: Do your research and find opportunities at different price points.  Anything from job shadowing, free software to upcoming conferences or certifications.  

Tips for managers: You will probably be more in the know about upcoming projects- think about what may be of interest to your employee and what skills they might be missing and what they can do to improve on them

  • What support do you need from your supervisor at this time?

Tips for employees: Take this opportunity to ask them for what you need to succeed in the future and remember this is an “ask” not a “demand.”

Tips for managers: Be open to your employees suggestions. This is also the time to hear what is going on a daily basis with your team.  Use this as a chance to fully understand their workload, their responsibilities and potential upcoming road blocks.



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