On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Meg King.

As a leadership coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker, Meg works with a variety of clients across the country, from businesses and entrepreneurs to teams and individuals alike. Meg has a passion for creating exceptional customer service, starting with identifying a company’s true D.N.A. (Dreams. Needs. Actionable Behaviors.)

She customizes each company’s unique customer service journey, by uncovering gaps and missing opportunities for improved communication skills and generating new sources of revenue. Resulting in a positive impact that up-levels the culture and prosperity of the company and its team. You can find her on Instagram, schedule a 30 minutes strategy session, or email her. We chat about

  • What customer service should look like
  • How leaders should reflect back before moving forward
  • Easing concerns as we merge into new phases of Covid-19 living

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