Writing down goals might be the easy part but actually following through with them is a whole other thing!  I mean how often have we said to ourselves “I want to get another job” “I want to lose 5 lbs” “I’m going to work out more.” I felt like things appeared on my goal lists over and over again but there was always something holding me back.  Getting a jump start wasn’t really the problem it was the follow through when things got rough or I didn’t see any results.  I’m here to tell you, that the biggest mistake people make is not having an accountability partner.  Without this, we are going to fall into these traps over and over again.

So, what even is an accountability partner?

This is someone who is equally invested in your goal that can help you through the process of accomplishing it.  According to John Bregman, “Accountability is about delivering on a commitment. It’s responsibility to an outcome, not just a set of tasks. It’s taking initiative with thoughtful, strategic follow-through.”

I know what you might be thinking… but they are my goals and I don’t want to bother anyone with them.

This was seriously my life for YEARS!  I didn’t want to “bother” people since it was something I wanted to do and felt like if I asked for help it proved that I couldn’t do it.  I was burned out, tired and stressed because I didn’t have the help I needed.  The goal was really important to me but without seeing the results I would get easily distracted and find something else that would yield the results I was looking for. 

Things would start out all fine and good and then.. BAM not so much. It’s at those points that I would want someone and wish I would have reached out sooner.  

You might still be asking: “Why do I need an accountability partner?”  What can they provide me that will help me actually achieve my goals even if I’m working really hard to get there.    Here are four specific reasons why we need one:

Getting through road blocks



When times get tough, accountability partners get going. They are there to support us when we need it the most and help us:

  • Pick up the pieces
  • Re-evaluate the plan
  • Make any necessary changes
  • Provide the support we need to move on

Remind us of our goals



As we are trying to accomplish our goals, we can get side tracked.  Things come up, life changes and we question why this was our goal in the first place.  Having someone who understands your mindset and knows how important this is to you is key as we often need just a little reminder to stay focused and keep going.

Be our cheerleader and support system



Sometimes we just need a good old hug, rah rah, or “you got this.” Road block or not it’s good to know that you have someone cheering for you and supporting you along the way.

Be your sounding board



When we are consumed and focused on achieving a goal we might not think about the potential road blocks ahead or other paths to get to the same result.  Having someone who can think outside of where you are and give you alternative paths is huge.  Whether you take them or not, it’s always good to think about other ways you can reach the same goal.  Everyone has their own process to get to the same outcome, consider hashing through your process with your partner.

Having someone in your corner who wants the best for you goes a long way.  It can help us from burning out and thinking through each step of the process.  Your partner wants you to accomplish your goal just as much as you do.  When you find the right one they will be in it with you- 110%!

What’s one thing that has been on your goal list forever and you just can’t seem to accomplish?

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